Don’t Feel Like a Turkey: Tips to Avoid These 4 Silly Mistakes



Don’t you hate that feeling?


You have worked all week and you are getting ready for the weekend. Exhausted, you head home. As you take a seat every part of you cringes: you made an error and it’s going to cost you.


It could cost you in all kinds of ways: time, money, credibility, consistency, peace of mind for the rest of the weekend, to name a few. The real question is, how can we avoid this feeling all together?


All together? We can’t. We’re human. But we can certainly lower the frequency by avoiding these 4 mistakes:


Mistake #1: Not Taking a Break Before The Final Edit Using These 3 Techniques

Read that first bit again. You are exhausted, and rightly so. It’s is the end of the week. Wrangling coworkers and massaging the numbers are not mental energy light task.  Take a BREAK!

1) two to ten minutes to walk around or stretch but you must be upright and on your feet

2) take a sip or two of a palpably cold beverage (try to avoid heavy eating as it will only exacerbate that tired feeling)

3) let your eyes focus on something from a considerably far distance (out the window, across the office, etc). By doing this you let your eye muscles readjust and relax. Not only can it help your ocular health, but it will help your eyes snag those last few errors in whatever you are working on.


Mistake #2: Performing Unnecessary Data Entry Leaving You Vulnerable to a Typing Error

We are typing quickly and one stroke wrong and it is a long headache later until we find the small slip. It’s in these instances we benefit from augmenting ourselves through an automated process.

An automated process is essentially creating your own virtual assistant that runs off and handles the tedious while you knock the important work out of the park.


Mistake #3: Working With the Wrong Keyboard or Desk Set Up

Have you ever sat at a desk and laid your hands on a keyboard and the setup felt all wrong?

Whether it be the keyboard you trained yourself to use, the desk height, or the product is plain poor and it is physically uncomfortable no matter how you contort it (I’m looking at you old, clunky keyboards of the early ‘00s), it isn’t working for you.

When it slows down your usual routine and hinders you from comfortably focusing on what needs to get done, you need to resolve it. As a fellow frugal individual I cringe at the idea of purchasing my own keyboard/seat/(desk is a little far) for work but if it will help you do your work mistake free, I would seriously consider it.

Point is, you need a good setting or errors will happen as your physical environment is not conducive to your strongest work.


Mistake #4: Did You Really Edit It or Did You Edit it the Way We All Cleaned Our Spaces as Kids?

Maybe you were a meticulous child and have no idea what I’m talking about but I guarantee you know a child like this. When asked to clean up they grab everything and pile it up quickly and shove it away.

The floor is technically clean and the stuff is technically put away, but come time to find anything it is near impossible. You don’t want to edit like that child “cleans” their room. It’s a technicality that in the end hurts you in the long term for some short term relief. Quick, in this case, is not quality.

But how do we keep ourselves from being that kid?

Have an adult keep you accountable 😉 Let your co-workers check you, have checks in place that require you to go through in a responsible, meticulous manner even when you feel like rushing.

Have any additional tips or mistakes to avoid? Comment below or hit us up on Twitter @ProRata !