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Don’t Get SaaSy with SaaS: 4 Reasons Why SaaS Additions to Quickbooks Online Should be Embraced

There are great misconceptions about trusting SaaS additions over keeping certain processes such as revenue recognition “in house.” Let’s debunk!      In Jeffery Kaplan’s “SaaS: Friend or Foe,” the benefits of SaaS additions and SaaS software annihilate the downloadable, less dynamic software through their ease of use and ability to be isolated if problems […]

QuickBooks Online App Recommendations and the Adaptive Unconscious: Artificial Intuition Could Soon Be Recommending ProRata as Your Revenue Recognition Solution

       Artificial Intuition.        At first glance an oxymoron, artificial intuition will change the way you are introduced to solutions thanks to data analytics. Intuition is a word we often associate with anything but artificial: “You’ll make the best decision, trust your gut,” “I knew my child was up to no […]

GAAP Compliance and the History of the High Five

  You won a gift card, you get away with a prank, you encourage a teammate, you let a person as young as a toddler know they did a great job, what do you do?      *High Five*       Its a little weird though?       Slapping palms about chest high or up, generally while smiling, […]

88% of the Time Spreadsheets are Wrong and It’s Not Your Fault: The Importance of Revenue Recognition Software

Business-risk interest groups have found that spreadsheets are hotbeds for risk. Spreadsheets have an astronomically high statistical likelihood of containing an error when managing data such as revenue. Let’s talk about how you can quantify this risk specifically to your business. In 2013, the University of Hawaii’s Ray Panko, as noted by MarketWatch, found that […]