Recurring Invoices in QuickBooks Online

This post is part of a 5 part series titled SaaS Guide to Invoicing in QuickBooks Online.

Creating recurring invoices

Recurring invoices in QuickBooks Online are a great way to manage renewals. By setting up a recurring invoice you won’t have to remember when to create a renewal invoice. It’s also a great way to bill your customers on a recurring basis for monthly or quarterly billing terms.

Open any saved invoice, then at the bottom of the invoice in the dark gray area click Make recurring.


Recurring invoice options

Creating in advance

You can choose to create the invoice a certain number of days in advance. For instance, choose 30 days in along with NET30 terms to ensure the invoice is paid on time.

Automatically send emails

You can also have QuickBooks email the recurring invoice when it’s created.


The interval determines on what schedule the invoices should be created. Common options are monthly and yearly. This is great, no only for renewals but in the case where you may be billing monthly or quarterly. You can also when to start and how to end.

Viewing your recurring invoices

Go to Gear > Lists > Recurring transactions. You can also filter by Invoice templates.

This screen is useful in determining the next date the invoice will be created. It’s a good check to make sure you’ve set up your Interval correctly and aren’t invoicing too soon or too late.