Don’t Get SaaSy with SaaS: 4 Reasons Why SaaS Additions to Quickbooks Online Should be Embraced

There are great misconceptions about trusting SaaS additions over keeping certain processes such as revenue recognition “in house.” Let’s debunk!

     In Jeffery Kaplan’s “SaaS: Friend or Foe,” the benefits of SaaS additions and SaaS software annihilate the downloadable, less dynamic software through their ease of use and ability to be isolated if problems ever arise. SaaS solutions have been reported as:

  1. Having far less end user support issues

     2. Pay-as-you-go pricing and subscription models hold the SaaS company regularly accountable for your experience and upgrades

     3. SaaS products are known for their efficiency and absence of cost overruns

        Bonus note: ProRata magnifies an efficient operation that adds value to your company 😉

     4. Improved collaboration amongst team members and organizations due to increased access to information and software

“In house” is essentially robbing yourself of the benefits that SaaS provides by not being “in house;” one of the most cited reasons being security. In today’s security conscious market, SaaS providers bring in these five benefits in addition to being intensely invested in the security of your data. Its mutualism! We take care of you as fiercely as we take care of us.

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