How-To Shift to Annual Based Subscriptions Without Driving Your Accounting Staff Up a Wall

The deferred revenue ‘problem:’ that issue that arises when you move away from monthly subscriptions, is now long gone thanks to automated revenue recognition solutions. With automated revenue recognition, the deferred revenue “problem” is similar to that annoying additional step to have sliced bread by actually cutting it up – 1928 we have sliced bread. In 2016, we have ProRata, an automated revenue recognition solution for QuickBooks Online users. ProRata is literally the best thing since sliced bread 😉


    With the deferred revenue “problem” solved, the question remains, in a time where “accounting firms are pushing for subscription revenue,” why not push for the annual subscription?


      It is key to note that in the same article citing the push for subscription revenue by accountants followed that statement by mentioning that this push leads them right into the cloud (where software exists to support such a model). They are doing more with less and saving time for clients. The article can be found below under “Quote Source.”


    MarketingExperiments by MEC Labs found that annual subscriptions even at a discounted rate of about 40% the monthly rate are sizably more profitable than their monthly counterpart. Tucker Dawson at Price Intelligently shares that a combo of both monthly and annual optimizes income through ensuring lower customer acquisition cost in a calendar year, boosts customer retention thus lower churn rate AND his findings were for businesses that have monthly customers as their bread and butter as far as pricing. It’s no secret to the business world that annual is gold but it is also important to remember when shifting to annual, offering both prices as mentioned by the sources above is an important option for those balking at the idea of commitment elsewise you might be spending too much on sales.


    Automating your revenue recognition will simplify for accountants what just makes sense for your business model.



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