Long before ProRata was even a thought, one of our founders lived the classic startup story that many can only dream about. With no outside investment, he started a little company that would grow into a multi-million dollar giant.

     Years before, as that little company began to grow at a wild rate, our founder struggled with QuickBooks Online as he couldn’t find a comprehensive revenue recognition application. This was hours of headache for him and his team and what’s worse, had the potential to stall his growth and leave him vulnerable to fraud. The stress was immense. He lacked a necessary internal control, revenue recognition, and no existing players satisfied his expectations: simple for all of his employees, comprehensive, clean and easy to use interface, integrates with his current accounting software, a trustworthy internal control, and little to no effort to use and maintain.

     Frustrated, he performed the only move left for him: he upgraded to an expensive enterprise software that was extremely expensive and a burden to his startup’s finances. It was far too labor intensive to deploy. As someone who preferred the software he had grown on, QuickBooks Online (QBO), he was irate at the thought of having to come off of QBO and shift to his new enterprise software.

     He knew their had to be a better way and he knew just the guy to help him solve this problem. At the pentacle of his success, he invested in the right person to help him solve a problem that would pave the way for other startups to reach his success without revenue recognition thwarting those goals. He and his new partner, together, worked tirelessly to create a better experience for startups on a path to their multi-million dollar success:

     Welcome ProRata.

     ProRata’s solution allows its users to use the solution as an app for QuickBooks Online all while allowing them to stay well below budgeted accounting software and most importantly was super easy to use and bring people up to speed. A simple user interface was the keen focus of their product and according to their customers, they achieved that goal for their product.

    ProRata exists to be the revenue recognition solution of choice for startups and SMBs and from the looks of it, it is very quickly becoming that choice.