You are Not A Babysitter: The Age of Value-Added Finance Professionals

How do you conquer the age of FinTech or as Joe Woodard dubbed it: #theRiseoftheMachines ?

Let’s start by debunking this insidious rumor. The rise of automation will leave finance professionals as babysitters of software.

Can you think of a teacher, coach, professor, or boss that was a glorified babysitter? How much did you like them? How much did you value them?

Teachers that babysit are often how we discover the fact that we can learn and act on our own. Yet you still found yourself wishing you had a great teacher…


Great teachers are not babysitters. They facilitate learning through:

  • Providing alternative explanations
  • Assisting the problem-solving process
  • Through knowledge of their subject, guiding their students ahead

A great teacher adds value to you as a student by empowering and guiding you. Great financial professionals do the same thing for their clients.

No one likes a glorified babysitter in any advisory role. Finance professionals should never find themselves babysitting a client’s books or accounting software.

Automation and AI, like ProRata, are tools. Just like whiteboards or Promethean boards are tools. Just like a bad teacher, you can get away with being a glorified babysitter. No one is going to be a fan of that except maybe the unenthused. Your dream client certainly isn’t waiting for the opportunity to work with a glorified babysitter.

No one said it better than Joe:

“The Future [Finance] Professional: The best and brightest professionals will endure the longest – those who can perform tasks that cannot and ought not to be replaced by machines, and tasks we prefer to leave in the hands of human beings” #RiseOfTheMachines Joe Woodard

If you taught yourself finance, you are 100% capable of conquering the age of FinTech. You just have to introduce yourself to the new tools and workflow.

Let’s start by addressing that, at times, too vague term  “value added accounting/finance.” How is that measurable? What does that mean?

Finance professionals are experts when it comes to value. Anyone working in finance knows that value is subjective. Depending on how you approach numbers, value can be seen differently. Ultimately presenting the best ‘value’ involves knowing what your target audience/niche wants.

Yikes, no wonder they leave it so vague.

We need an answer that is better than “be a resource” or “add value.” But, there is no way that I could write all the blogs needed for every client’s needs. Let alone how to market to all those niches.

Good thing we have an expert here. You. You are an expert on your clients both current and potential.

Through this new blog series, we will give you the tools to be battle ready. We will discover and define value added finance. We will help you define what it would mean to be a resource for your ideal client/employer.

Coming January 26th: Defining your niche/client base.  

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